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Property for Financial Freedom is the brainchild of ecommerce and property entrepreneur/investor, Yogesh Jethani. Over the course of the last fifteen years Yogesh has developed a whole host of websites in a range of different industries, ranging from health, beauty and fitness, to electronics, baby products, EMS, digital music score, FMCG exporting/wholesaling, adult entertainment, wheatgrass juice, food/food catering, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, ecommerce solutions, and to property, to name but a few. Yogesh's expertise is to easily and quickly source, list, translate, market, sell, fulfil, integrate and automate, and price check an unlimited amounts of products in any industry via all the major and minor global marketplaces, and one's own website. Him and his team are frequently setting up such end to end ecommerce platforms not only for his own businesses, but also for all types of clients from SMEs to multinationals. Case studies and full list of services they offer can be found at Ecommerce Solution, with an opportunity to Book in a Free Strategy Call. 

Yogesh and his team have agency or reseller experience with many ecommerce partners like Google, Amazon, Ebay, Worldpay, Paypal, Adyen, Klarna, Sage, Magento, Shopify, Asendia, Facebook, to name but a few. 

In 2007/2008, right after the last property crash, he launched World Wide Property Investment online where he approached developers and bought properties in bulk with big discounts and minimal cash (effectively the deposit on the mortgage became the discount - gifted deposits). In many cases the mortgage company would give him a cheque back as the discount was greater than the required deposit. He sold many properties to investors with this strategy, both in UK and Bulgaria, as well as building his own portfolio. 
More recently, Yogesh has been investing in the outskirts of Manchester, and offering investors solid returns on their passive income. He has a good track record of  helping property investors achieve a good passive income on their funds & help them achieve financial freedom as a result.

Yogesh has built up a multi million pound property portfolio not ONCE, but TWICE, all in the space of less than 18 months using little or none of his own money.

He is reinventing his property business again in 2024, by providing an FCA Regulated HMO crowdfunding platform for investors, again offering solid and secure passive income returns for property investors.
Backed by a solid team of mortgage brokers, property accountant, property sourcers, builders, and with access to finance, he is happy to introduce all potential investors to his team for a free consultation.

Yogesh is also a Property and Ecommerce Mentor, showing people how to make good passive income and achieve financial freedom through these 2 channels. Please also check his Passive Snakes & Ladders with the Jogfather Podcast, available on Google, ITunes, & Spotify.

Yogesh is also an official Prince's Trust Mentor, helping to motivate, inspire, and support the younger generation achieve their dreams.  He also is a trustee for Food4All, a non profit charity feeding the homeless around London. These 2 organisations are very close to Yogesh's heart.

He is a big advocate of using exercise to help achieve success. He is currently looking to complete the Abbott World Marathon Majors, & also has devised the #66tough challenge to help people maximise their mental and physical potential in 66 days.

CONTACT Yogesh to see how him and his team can support you in your Ecommerce and/or Property Investment Journey. Or BOOK IN A FREE STRATEGY CALL.


4 Questions with Yogesh Jethani:

What's your favourite business books: Who moved my cheese and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

Most inspirational business figures: Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

Property Goals: To make thousands of people financially free through property investing.

What excites you about business: Taking a raw idea from a casual conversation and turning it into a fully fledged profitable business. 

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