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Buying a £ 70K Investment Property for 2p

Buying a £ 70K Investment Property for 2p !

Now, for many of you this may seem absurd. Many others may have some idea of how to achieve this, but for some reason or other have never acted. But few of you will know exactly what I am talking about and will be reaping all the benefits of buying properties for next to nothing. The reason I said 2p was because that is the cost of a phone call or dropping a leaflet onto somebody's doorstep.

So, over the next several weeks I am going to show you exactly how I purchase investment properties for quite literally 2p, cost of a phone call or leaflet drop to somebody's house. This is not rocket science, or some big secret, one can google this and find lots of cases studies and advice. But I have taken the time and effort to research and implement this strategy, and of course use my own unique twist on this text book strategy.

As you know, from the time I started making gifted deposit property investments purchases over 10 years ago, I don't like putting any of my money into a property deal or leaving any of my money in a property deal.

Well, let me show you a case study of a purchase I have recently done that quite literally has cost me the price of a leaflet drop. So, we did a leaflet drop in a town called Bury, in the outskirts of Manchester. We offered to help people get out of any difficult financial situation they were currently having, by offering to buy their house with cash for a quick sale. We received a call more or less straight away from a gentlemen whose house was on the brink of repossession and who owed several thousands pounds on the credit card. After several meetings, and within one week we had agreed a cash price for his house, paid off his debts, and he was happy to remain as a paying tenant in the house. Let me give you what you really want to see, which is the numbers. COST OF HOUSE: £ 45K (30% Below Market Value) REFURB: £ 3K TOTAL COST (including legals, stamp duty, pay credit card debts off, etc): £ 55K Conservative Revaluation after 6 months: £ 74K Remortgage @75%: 55.5K Now this is the beauty of it. None of the money in the deal for the initial purchase of the house was mine. Yet I purchased the house. The tenant (who used to be the owner) continues to pay me £ 525 a month, the mortgage is around £ 95 monthly, so I receive a net cashflow of £ 430. What I also love is the ROI (return on investment) = INFINITE because i didn't put any money into this deal (apart from the 2p cost to put a leaflet through a letter box). Nothing above is anything new, it's an open secret. It is what professional property investors do. Over the last several months I have studied this, obsessed over it, and now have a streamless system in place to achieve the above on a regular basis, but also with my unique twist to proceedings. I will show you exactly how I am doing it.

All the way from the three strategies I use to source Below Market Value properties (and i don't mean just a couple of percent, I mean big discounts), to the negotiations techniques used, to obtaining the cash to initially put into the deal (in case one doesn't want to use their own funds), to the team of builders I use for the refurbish, and then the team I use to obtain the remortgage (mortgage broker) and also account for it in the most tax efficient manner (property accountant). So, I will teach you all this in the next few weeks and months, and then you are most welcome to go away and try the strategy I use for yourself. Or, you can plug into my existing knowledge, experience, and team and I can hold your hand through your very own deal. Or this may not be for you, you may prefer to purchase one of our finished houses as shown on our site. Or our other investment opportunities.

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