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Turning £100 of Lazy Equity into £2500 Monthly

Those of you who follow me on my social media, blog or the website will know my obsession with passive income. I will make every penny I have work hard for me, and hate lazy equity/cash, equity/cash which is sitting there doing in effect nothing. I know nothing worse, as that could be working hard to make you good passive income. I have stated before, and will state again, everybody could be earning a lot more passive income, and be financially free by just making simple effective redeployment of their assets. I sat down with one investor recently and was horrified to hear what their investments were returning for them annually in the last few years: Pension -1%, St James Stocks -2%, Fidelity Stocks -2%, ISAs 2%, Bank Savings 0.05%. We then looked at equity in their portfolio, and realised there was so much lazy equity they could use. Just by remortgaging part of their portfolio, we have released £ 45k for £ 100 a month remortgage interest. That £ 45k is used to buy 2 x BMV, Tenanted, High Yield Houses with us in the outskirts of Manchester: Below Market Value Discount - £ 10k Net Rental Income for 1 Year - £ 10k Manchester Predicted Price Growth for 1 Year - £ 10k Total Cash/Equity in 1 year - £ 30k Total Cash/Equity in 1 month - £ 2.5k

So. just through simple, yet effective redeployment of assets, we have taken £ 45k (sitting there, doing nothing) for £ 100 a month remortgage interest, and used that to make £ 2.5k a month in the 1st Year.

Now I dont know what you think, but that is incredible ! Also don't forget, that one could also remortgage the two new purchases after several months to purchase even more properties.

This is just one example of many where we are helping investors use their lazy equity/cash to make remarkable passive income. If this is of interest, and you want us to help you earn remarkable passive income with our End To End Property Solution then please


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