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Financial Freedom from Property is easy.... long as one has a good system in place and the right mindset.

We have a seamless system in place for achieving financial freedom through property, by sourcing, refurbishing, tenanting, and selling properties in the outskirts of Manchester. We have helped several investors achieve financial freedom through property, and helping dozens others on their route to financial freedom. For some others who are already there, we are giving them good returns on their funds.

The mindset is the difficult part ! Brexit, landlord taxes, deposits, market uncertainty. It is all media stirring and these are honestly minor things. It is all about the mindset and deployment of assets. The time to invest is now and the place to invest is Manchester.

I will go through each of these apparent obstacles and explain why these are minor factors. With the correct mindset and system in place (which we have at Property for Financial Freedom) the property world is your oyster (& Financial Freedom).


Not a day goes by without some talk of a property crash and market uncertainty. But look at the basic underlying factors to the property market in this country:

  • There is a big shortage of housing. There is and will always be. Thank god we live on an island. There will always be people looking to rent

  • Mortgage companies are aware there is less investors around, so there are some really competitive deals around.

  • With all this uncertainty, there are more distressed sellers in the market. I know this because over last several months we are obtaining more distressed sellers via leaflets drops, and more deals through insolvency practitioners.

  • Rents are increasing due to all the uncertainty, and also with all new taxes imposed on landlords.


The government has introduced several changes to cool down the buy to let investor market They have introduced a stamp duty surcharge to 3% on second and subsequent properties. Also mortgage interest tax relief will be limited to the basic rate of tax, currently 20%, and given as a reduction in tax liability instead of a reduction to taxable rental income by 2020.

There are ways to reduce this increase in tax bills. Many investors are purchasing in limited companies to take advantage of lower taxes. Some investors are selling their London buy to lets and buying several properties in Manchester via a company structure.

Investors can increase rents, families can purchase in the names of family members who are on lower incomes. There are options to make money from property without purchasing the property outright like Rent to Rent, Leasebacks, Delayed Completions.

I am happy to introduce you to our property account we use for a free consultation.

Property Market Downturn

Certain areas of UK are experiencing a downturn in property prices, London included. We invest in the outskirts of Manchester, where there is an increase of 5% in the last year on average. We invest in places where the yields are high (7% upwards) due to pure logic – live in a ¾ house in Stalybridge which costs £ 80k , 13 minute train ride into Manchester town centre where a 1 bedroom flat costs £ 250k.

We are sourcing, refurbishing, tenanting, and selling properties in the right market area. We source at 25% Below Market Value, so if there ever was a downturn (I don’t think there will be in this area) we have a nice buffer IF WE WANTED TO SELL !


One of the things as a reason not to invest is a lack of deposit. I am living proof you don’t need large deposits to invest. I hate putting my own money into property deals. Twice I have built up large property portfolios using little or none of my own funds – back in 2007/2009 with gifted deposits, and again in 2016/2018 with RINSE & REPEAT strategy (purchasing houses with bank finance or own funds, and then remortgaging after 6 months to release the funds and pay back the bank or myself and moving onto the new purchase).

Also there is many ways to skin a cat. You don’t need to purchase houses to make money, there is Rent to Rent, Leasebacks, Delayed Completions, Deal Sourcing.

Bottom line is over the next few years amateur landlords will remove themselves from the market and not purchase anymore. Professional landlords will take full advantage of the market conditions and purchase more good property stock, and achieve even more passive income.

Deployment of Assets

This is a passion of mine – making every single £ in cash or an asset work to make even more money. People keep money in the bank (losing money now that inflation is more than interest rates), or in low yielding assets. One can’t do this and complain about wanting more passive income. They need to invest these funds and obtain good rates of return.

Investment in flats in London currently will not produce anywhere as near passive income yield as in Manchester. Also, flats command service charges, lease extensions, ground rent, etc. Freehold houses in Manchester are more financially viable.

People have property assets, they may live in them of have them for investment purposes. Borrowing is still relatively cheap, there are some good remortgage deals out there, and investing with us producing such good returns and also equity in the property - one should seriously consider remortgaging. I know property is security, and it is definitely not worth the risk with a bad investment. But knowing now what I know from investing in Manchester as few of my investors say ‘it is a no brainer’

I’m happy to go on a call with you to see how we can help you achieve good passive income, and financial freedom (if you already haven’t). Please book a strategy call from the website.



‘You only know what you know’.

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