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Big Thank You to All Investors - 100th Deal Milestone !

It's ironic that this week we have secured our 100th Property Deal (either taking Armchair Investor funds at the beginning of the property funnel or selling Tenanted, BMV, High Yield Houses at the end of the funnel), and recently it was announced a Brexit Deal was negotiated. Why is that ironic I hear you ask yourself !

I started the idea and seeds were sown for PROPERTY FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM in March 2017, the month Brexit was officially announced. I knew that Brexit, along with new tax laws on landlord property investments, would lead to media and public worry mongering, more distressed sales, less property investors in the market and hence excellent mortgage rates to try to stimulate the buy to let market. I knew amateur investors would exit the market or not grow their portfolios. But actually the economic fundamentals for a robust housing market still existed - low unemployment, rising wages, good mortgage availability, low mortgage interest rates, and the fact that there is a huge shortage of quality properties for an increasing population.

I still remember going to Manchester the month they announced Brexit and started building the foundations to provide a streamless pipeline to provide investor returns either through Armchair investments or actual purchases of houses. The rest is as they say history. We have spent 30 months creating good passive income, and in some cases financial freedom, for investors. Offering armchair investor returns of between 8%, 9%, 10%, 12% and upwards. Also offering completed houses for sale Tenanted, Below Market Value, and High Yield. All property dealings done through a solicitor, with the investor having first charge on the property. Fortunately, we have never had to exercise this clause once, and this will long continue. We do what is says on the tin - provide excellent investor returns and BEAT THE BANKS ! No hidden costs, no sourcing fees, no added costs - all in an official contract done through a solicitor from day 1.

We started with a investor database of a dozen and doing 2 house refurbs simultaneously. We now have a organically grown database of over 16k investors from all over the world, and have around 7 refurbs at any one time. That is solid growth and investor appetite for you. More than 70% of investors reinvest with us, so I know we are ticking the right investor boxes. Out of the 30% who haven't reinvested with us, I am in touch with them, and am certain most if not all of them will reinvest at some stage in the future. I am not surprised for the investor appetite for property investments in the outskirts of Manchester. To be honest it is not a hard sale, the media has highlighted for years Manchester as the place to invest due to a variety of reasons. Manchester has all the fundamentals for solid returns & for great growth in the property market.

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