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Ecommerce Client - Results in 1st Month

We took on board a new commerce client (website build, SEO, and digital marketing, and ecommerce services) and within 1 month only we have: - Increased Turnover from 0 to approx £ 25k in 1st Month - Increased Visitor Sessions from 0 to Approx 15k in 1st Month

- Increased Orders from 0 to 700 in 1st Month - Conversion Rate is 4.67%. For a new site you would expect 1% This is with a daily marketing spend of £ 25. We will slowly scale this up for the customer to £ 250, and increase customer turnover to £ 250k Monthly.

This is what we do and do well. Website Build, SEO, Marketing, Integration, Fulfilment, and Selling on All Global Platforms with unlimited SKUs and Price Checked. Contact Yogesh for More Information.

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