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Be a Pipeline Builder over a Bucket Carrier !


Be a Pipeline Builder over a Bucket Carrier !

We are living the bucket carrying world. 99% of us are not working towards building a pipeline which gives us financial freedom regardless of the hours we spend in our work. We just get paid for the amount of time we work and happy to get few days leave. What happens if we fall ill, and can no longer work, we are just pulled down to debts and became dependant on others. So, it is critical to building a financial pipeline to achieve financial freedom.

Join my MSPI Master Class where I show you how to achieve passive income using ecommerce and property, using 12 different techniques, which I have obsessed over and fine tuned over the last several years. If you are not financially free in a years time, or heading towards financial freedom, by following my PASSIVE INCOME BLUEPRINT, I will personally buy you an investment property in Manchester. No honestly, that's how confident I am to help you achieve financial freedom, or get better returns on your money.

During my MSPI Master Class I will show you how to achieve passive income and financial freedom using the following 12 techniques: - Easily building fully automated e-commerce websites to sell upto 250k price checked individual products. Also, using every single marketplace in the world to sell your products (not just Ebay and Amazon). - Purchasing freehold of residential buildings. How to estimate the freehold value, negotiate, and obtain the freehold. One can then collect the share of ground rent, and also lease extensions for life. - With the growth of AirBnB, I will show you how to capitalise on the rent to rent market with low risk and high returns. - Using your online retail space to make money through programs like Adsense, Amazon Associates, etc. - Using affiliate marketing and blogging to earn passive income. This works two ways, I’ll show you how to sell your products using affiliate marketing (low risk, high returns), and also how to earn money as an affiliate. - Purchase and leaseback of commercial properties like dentist clinics, banks, GP surgeries. - Mentorship Packaging. Have a skill, talent, knowledge and experience which could make a positive difference to people’s lives ? Then become a mentor. If people will learn, they will be willing to pay to learn the set of skills you possess. - Product Royalties. How to sell into big nationwide stores like Argos, Boots, JD Sports, and earn commissions on every unit sold. - Licensing and sub-licensing of products. My experience is celebrity endorsed products. - Sourcing Below Market Value Properties and then selling them onto Investors for a Finders Fee (typically £3k to £5k). - Converting Houses to HMOs to maximize revenue in a legal and most efficient manner. - Purchasing Profitable Properties in the outskirts of Manchester using little or no deposit.

Join My MSPI Master Class

Not convinced, please book in a free NO OBLIGATION STRATEGY CALL with myself.

Happy Friday,

Yogesh 'You only know what you know'

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